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Our Program

Our Philosophy

The foundation of the Akhila Health Program is built on the Vedantic understanding that we are not just the physical body but are a composite of five layers – Body, Breath, Mind, Intellect, and Spirit. We believe that by increasing understanding and awareness of all five layers one comes to know oneself which is essential in order to heal oneself.

The five interconnected layers or “sheaths” that cover the indwelling soul (Atman) are known as the koshas, depicted in the graphic below.

The koshas
Woman in a white hallway

Our Program

The Akhila Health program explores each of these layers in a formulated, step-by-step process that empowers participants to take an active role in their restorative journey. We offer multiple 8-week holistic stress management workshop modules to women living in shelters.

Each module covers essential topics on Body, Breath, Mind, Intellect, and Spirit. We start with the physical body and move into the understanding and healing practices of the subtle layers.

Our interactive workshops provide underserved women with simple, yet powerful resources that can build stress resilience and promote good health, clarity, and peace of mind. Workshops are 60-minutes long, offered virtually or in-person at the shelter.

Each workshop is designed to stand alone, but is also part of a sequential program. As women progress through the Akhila Health Program, they gain a deeper understanding of themselves, becoming stronger and solidifying their habits.

Program Objectives

  • Empower participants to take ownership of a healthy life (inner and outer)

  • Teach the importance of self-care

  • Provide a safe, loving atmosphere for self-assessment and reflection

  • Offer practical resources to reduce stress levels and promote good health

"The Akhila Health workshop on Stress Management was engaging and taught mindfulness techniques.  The clients talked about their feelings and discussed coping mechanisms, which serves as a constructive way to manage stress."

Jessica Arellano, Director of Education, LifeMoves

Below you can learn the importance of each of the koshas and the type of activities associated with them - with the understanding that the activities may affect more than one layer. For example, yoga positively benefits multiple kosha levels.

  • Body / Food Sheath

    Diet, nutrition, and sensory interaction are some factors that play a role in maintaining a healthy and balanced physical body.

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  • Breath / Vital Air Sheath

    The vital air sheath controls and regulates the physical body by the air we breathe. Breath serves as a bridge between the body and mind.

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  • Mind & Emotions / Mental Sheath

    Understanding the mind and emotions can render it to be an effective instrument to support a balanced, healthy life.

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  • Intellect / Wisdom Sheath

    Practices that promote detaching from continuous flow of thoughts helps with clarity in the decision making process.

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  • Spirit / Bliss Sheath

    Ultimate healing is achieved by connecting to, and realizing one’s true nature. This transcendental state is pure peace and joy.

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