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At Akhila Health we are committed to helping underserved women build confidence and resilience, so they can thrive - body, mind, and spirit!

How we help

Our holistic health and stress management workshops teach women how to better manage daily stress and life's complexities. Below you will find some of the same tools and concepts that we teach in our workshops.

There's a variety of information and formats because we know people learn in different ways. We are continually updating this page so please check back often!

Exercises and Tools

Guided Imagery Meditation

This powerful Guided Imagery exercise focuses on self compassion, and involves finding your safe space and connecting with your inner advisor.

Created by: Sandy Lee

Qigong Exercise:
Pulling Down the Heavens

The first basic exercise of Qi Gong will clean toxic energy out of your body, ground you, and begin to connect you to universal energy. Used to calm and quiet your mind and body.

Created by: Leonard Shen

Gratitude Exercise

Discover the power of mindfulness and body awareness through gratitude practice

Created by: Zoe Peltz

Body Scan Meditation

Gaining daily awareness of our body’s signals and sensing micro-changes allows us to monitor our body’s needs and adjust accordingly. Improve sleep, decrease stress, and increase focus.

Created by: Zoe Peltz

Mind Jar How To

The mind jar is an effective tool to help us tune into our minds and regulate our emotions. The mind jar can help with stress reduction, mindfulness and focus, and emotional regulation.

Created by: Dr. Amita Shah

Wisdom Meditation

Get in touch with our inner owl voice by tuning into our senses. Begin to recognize how we react to this voice, and see how this understanding can change the types of choices we make.

Created by: Kristen Tamsil

Mindful Eating Exercise

By cultivating awareness and presence during meals, Mindful Eating can increase satisfaction with meals, reduce stress, and promote overall well-being.

Dr. Amita Shah