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Why it Matters

1 in 568 people are homeless in the US1

1 in 244people are homeless in California1

38%of all homeless population is made of homeless women1

Over 70%of homeless persons are young adults below the age of 503

27%of homeless individuals had chronic pattern of homelessness1

63%of homeless women have experienced domestic violence2

The women in our shelter system need support—and not just for themselves. 
84% of sheltered homeless families are led by a woman.

The Akhila Health program empowers women to take control over their lives, become self-reliant, and thrive. By providing help to underserved women, we’re giving them the tools to rise out of homelessness and the shelter system.

An informed and independent woman has the potential to positively impact her family, especially her children, thereby changing the community and the world in the long-term, one person at a time!

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"Akhila workshops were a lovely addition to our program. The facilitators were kind, curious, non-judgmental and engaging. Our residents loved the art projects, especially the vision boards, which were a big hit. Thank you for providing us with such important information!”

Cara Durbin, SUD Counselor, LifeLong East Bay Community Recovery Program