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The Power of Holistic Health

Women who are underserved face challenges at a disproportionately higher rate than their male counterparts. These challenges can include homelessness, domestic violence, health issues, and substance abuse. And each of these creates stress, which has a direct negative effect on both their physical and mental health.

Holistic and integrative health practices are incredibly effective at countering these negative effects - and thanks to Akhila Health workshops, underserved women have access to these powerful tools. Our workshops are specifically designed to teach women how to incorporate the concepts into their daily lives.

80% of participants 1 in a Mindfulness-Based MEDITATION program showed significant reductions in stress, anxiety, and depression

85% of participants 2 in a YOGA program showed significant improvements in sleep quality

75% of participants 2in a YOGA program showed significant improvements in chronic pain management

70% of participants 3in a QIGONG program showed significant improvements in stress management

60% of participants 3in a QIGONG program showed significant improvements in mental health

And these powerful stress management practices can be particularly beneficial for underserved women because of their accessibility.  They are cost-effective (most often free), location-independent, and provide life-long benefits.  One can practice meditation at no cost and at any time.  Qigong can be practiced in a beautiful park, free of charge.  When someone is feeling stressed or anxious, breathing techniques can immediately address the situation.

The Akhila Health curriculum empowers women to take control over their lives, become self-reliant, and thrive. Our workshops equip participants with practical tools to help manage life’s complexities.

Testimonials from Workshop Attendees

Thank you so much for this workshop. I learned so much in the short time together, and it was very needed. I cry easily, and this was a way for me to let it out.

Workshop attendee

Absolutely EVERYTHING. Suzanne was marvelous and there were so many beneficial nuggets of information and suggestions shared. I seriously enjoyed every single aspect and hope CSC bring her back!

Workshop attendee

Amazing facilitator with thoughtful reflections was so helpful in helping me process my thoughts and experiences. Thank you! Would love a follow up workshop to hands on create a vision board together.

Workshop attendee

That inner wisdom meditation was very calming and it felt like magic. I'm going to do that again.

Workshop attendee

Courtney is an amazing facilitator and educator. I learned so much new and interesting material, and just felt a lot of hope and encouragement as a result of her teachings. Her personality and communication style is so perfect in this role. I am grateful I had the opportunity to attend - thank you to Cancer Support Community!

Workshop attendee

Thank you so much for this series. It's been invaluable! So grateful for Akhila Health & WCRC!

Workshop attendee

My headache went away after doing the breathing exercises! Thank you =)

Workshop attendee

Ask Suzanne to facilitate/lead more workshops! Wow, is she so perfect in how she delivers the info and leads us to learning ways of being more mindful. Thank you!

Workshop attendee

I wish we can get this workshop every week. Wonderful experience

Workshop attendee

Made me realize things. Taught me things I can do to help myself

Workshop attendee

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"Akhila workshops were a lovely addition to our program. The facilitators were kind, curious, non-judgmental and engaging. Our residents loved the art projects, especially the vision boards, which were a big hit. Thank you for providing us with such important information!”

Cara Durbin, SUD Counselor, LifeLong East Bay Community Recovery Program