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Building Resilience During Life’s Challenging Moments

We empower underserved women to restore — body, mind, and spirit

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Akhila Health: Empowering underserved women to be “whole”

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We all have the same need - to be loved and to love. To be heard and to express, to matter. To live life on our terms. To be happy.

Akhila Health works with underserved and low-income women through some of the hardest points in their lives. By providing holistic stress management resources, we empower them to gain a new sense of ownership of their lives.

The word Akhila means ‘whole’ or ‘complete’ in Sanskrit. We believe that the best way to give these women their lives back is by enabling them to address all aspects of their wellbeing - body, mind, and spirit. That’s the crux of our work. Our goal is to encourage women to tap into their inner wisdom and resources, build resilience, survive and thrive.

We want them to realize their potential to live a life of purpose and meaning, balance and joy!

About Us

"The exercise was awesome! I felt like it was in with the new and out with the old. The final deep breath bubble floated in front of me, calming me down... AWESOME, thank you."

Workshop attendee at Project Pride

Impact of Our Work*
Apr 2023 - Mar 2024

Underserved women are 75% more likely to experience physiological distress (or stress) than other segments of society. Akhila Health workshops provide holistic health and stress management workshops to women who may otherwise not have access to these critical resources.


Provided life changing and life saving holistic health and stress management workshops to 580+ women.


Completed 130+ workshops teaching stress management tools, practices, and concepts.


    Conducted workshops at 13 community partners where women are already seeking help.


Grew facilitator team to 15 experts in holistic health and stress management.

Our vision

Our vision is to bring greater awareness of a holistic approach to health and wellbeing to underserved women. Our transformative program empowers women to take ownership of their lives for long-lasting change.

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How Akhila Health Works

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We believe every women - regardless of income, zip code, ethnicity or background - deserves access to life changing and often life saving stress management tools and resources. To that end, our programming includes multiple 8-week holistic health workshop modules. By encouraging these women to understand their ‘whole’ selves (body, mind, and spirit), we empower them to manage stress, take an active role in building resilience, and create long-term, permanent changes in their lives.

Women, in particular those lacking (access to) resources, are often 'invisible' in our societies. By providing a safe, loving atmosphere for self-assessment and reflection during the Akhila Health workshops, we empower them to validate their self-worth, build self-sufficiency, and visualize a brighter future for themselves.

Our Program

Hear from our Partners

What sets Akhila Health apart is their dedication to serving marginalized communities with empathy and respect. Their efforts not only provide immediate support but also lay the foundation for long-term empowerment and sustainable change. By fostering a supportive environment where women can learn, heal, and grow, Akhila Health embodies the principles of compassion and social justice.

Siena House
Marie Harris, MPH

The holistic health workshops Akhila Health offers have helped our female participants access a range of healing modalities and stress management tools. These tools, in turn, empower them to manage, cope with, and overcome their current situation . . . We are grateful for our partnership and look forward to continuing to work together to support and empower the women in our community who experience homelessness.

B. Michael McFarland

Your workshops are always organized to encourage engagement. This is fantastic because participants can begin to practice using the tools they are learning about right away! I love that they can measure the difference in stress levels (for example) between start of workshop and end of workshop! They always leave feeling better than when they came!

Women's Cancer Resource Center
Denise Jenkins

Verbally, I heard positive feedback, and I saw a visible difference in residence as they went about their day after the session. -SH Manager Jessica

Siena House

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