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Spirit / Bliss Sheath

The subtlest of the five sheaths, it is the innermost component and closest to the Atman (soul). It is considered blissful because it is beyond the inadequacies of the physical body and free from the agitations of the mind and intellect. The Bliss sheath is said to contain deep impressions which guide even the intellect sheath. Ultimate healing is achieved by connecting to, and realizing one’s true nature. Meditation can be a portal to aid in self-awareness, a sense of unity, an integration of all sheaths. This transcendental state is pure peace and bliss/joy.

Our intention and motivation to make changes depends on our level of consciousness. Meditation guides us to raise our self-awareness and consciousness, which fuels the energy to make positive changes.

Akhila Health Spirit Module

Vision Boarding

Thoughts and visions are powerful as they create our reality. Vision Boards are visual expressions of thoughts and visions for the future. With thoughtful intention, words and pictures are arranged on a blank board to create a personalized vision board. The board then serves as a reminder and motivation to pursue the goals or vision set forth.  

In the Akhila Health program, we employ the Vision Board exercise in a 2 part series. Participants set their intentions, cut out pictures from magazines to embody their vision, and post them on a blank board along with inspirational words or quotes. During the second session, they share their vision with the group. This multi-step exercise allows the expression of thoughts and words and serves as a guiding star to propel them into action.

Guided Meditation

Meditation can remove stress and replace it with a dose of inner peace. It’s one of the best tools we have to balance our emotions, deal with physical and psychological distress, and promote the peace of the present moment.

Practicing meditation solo can be a daunting task. Guided meditation is a supported practice that can help one find a calm and peaceful state. This kind and gentle practice is an important component of experiencing the benefits that meditation offers.


Through discussions, one gains a better understanding of oneself, especially as it pertains to a holistic view including one’s role as an individual, family member, community citizen, and embodied soul.

Creative Mind

Creative Mind is a program developed by Dr. Stephen Gilligan. As explained by Dr. Gilligan, “Creative Mind sees life as a creative evolution of consciousness through multiple levels: Spirit, Nature, and three levels of Mind (Collective, Individual, and Integral). The interconnectedness of these different levels and parts is the distinguishing characteristic of a creative system, and their disconnectedness is the basis of all persistent suffering and symptoms.

Creative Mind teaches that realities (both positive and negative) are constructed and, most importantly, teaches a set of methods for creating sustainable positive realities. Creative Mind strives to connect people and communities to the "ever-present origin" of creative consciousness so that a new sense of self and community can develop.”

"I enjoyed the visualization information. I learned a lot about myself and the tools I can use to help regulate my mind throughout the day. I really liked learning about visualizing a goal because it will help me feel less anxious about the future."

Workshop attendee, Project Pride - East Bay Community Recovery Project