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Body / Food Sheath

The physical body is termed as food sheath because the body comes into existence due to food, is nourished and sustained by food and when the body dies, assimilates in earth to produce food. The physical body also consists of the five organs of perception - eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin - and the five organs of action. Diet, nutrition, and sensory interaction are some factors that play a role in maintaining a healthy and balanced physical body. 

Connecting with our bodies is essential for mind-body-spirit integration. Gaining daily awareness of our body’s signals and sensing micro-changes allows us to monitor our body’s needs and adjust accordingly. This modulation promotes positive self-change and enhances our disciplined efforts.

Akhila Health Body Module

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We teach the importance of healthy digestion and simple ways to improve our relationship with food. Bringing conscious awareness to the process of what and how we enjoy our food is the foundation for building a healthy body and mind.

Some of the food guidelines we explore in the Akhila program include the importance of a seasonal diet with fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy grains; tips and tricks to eating healthy on a budget; and how to slow down, be grateful, and enjoy a deeper connection with our food.

Progressive Relaxation

During stressful times, tension accumulates in the body. Progressive relaxation is a process in which we consciously and progressively tense and relax various muscle groups in a systematic way.
This is a transformative tool that is easy to learn and practice. It brings to our conscious awareness the feeling of holding tension and the feeling of being relaxed and at ease.

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Self-massage is an important component of maintaining physical and mental health, primarily by calming the nervous system. In addition to stress and anxiety reduction, touch offers benefits such as boosting the immune system, lowering blood pressure, and overall improving one's mood. A massaging touch can be used on any part of the body that is sore or needs attention.

In the Akhila program, we teach about the application of gentle pressure on various points on the hands and feet to stimulate energy movement that regulates connected organs and systems.

Body Scan

Everyone experiences bodily tension, but it’s not always easy to realize this tension or pinpoint where we feel this tension in the body. Body scanning involves bringing awareness to the different parts of our body in a gradual sequence from the feet all the way to the head. This process allows us to reconnect with our physical selves and tune into different bodily sensations, without judgment.

While a body scan will not relieve pain completely, consistent body scanning helps us be more present with our physical selves and learn to better manage bodily discomfort.


We also offer a Yoga practice with poses that are accessible for a wide range of body types. Our simple, yet dynamic and powerful movements enable women to move energy in their bodies.

"Remembering how to identify my stress and different ways to help alleviate it."

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